Uluwatu Scooter & Bike Rental

#1 Uluwatu Scooter & Bike Rental

Looking for a Uluwatu scooter or bike rental? Bikago has got you sorted.

Bikago ensures our rental motorbikes ride in prime condition. We guarantee an exceptional motorbike rental experience in Bali: our 24/7 customer service is at your disposal, and we provide complimentary delivery and pickup service throughout Bali. Every one of our bikes includes onboard first aid kits and a handy phone holder. And, it’s worth noting, that our motorbike insurance is comprehensive.

Our Uluwatu branch presents a variety of scooter and motorbike options for rent. Swing by for a Uluwatu scooter or bike rental, or conveniently reserve one online. Remember, we deliver to every corner of the island.


Uluwatu Bike & Scooter Rental – The Bikago Difference

Ready to dive headfirst into the mesmerizing beauty of Bali, using Uluwatu as your gateway? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re here to elevate your experience, ensuring it’s not just secure and dependable but etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Safety’s Our Top Priority

At Bikago, safety isn’t just a word – it’s our way of life. We’ve got your back with robust bike insurance and a remarkable history of serving over 60,000 thrilled riders. It’s no wonder we’ve secured the top spot for scooter and bike rentals in enchanting Bali.

Thousands of Happy Customers – 4.5/5!

Join the ranks of thousands who’ve bestowed upon us a stellar 4.5/5 rating for their Bali escapades. Your joy is our driving force, and we’re unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-notch scooter and bike rental service in Uluwatu and beyond.

TripAdvisor’s Darling Since 2014

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve got a cabinet full of awards, including the coveted Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, which we’ve snagged consistently since 2014. Our scooter rentals in Uluwatu? They’ve been a hit with our cherished customers year in and year out.

Best in Class Fleet

Here’s the lowdown: at Bikago, we’re all about top-tier bikes. Our fleet is meticulously maintained, company-owned, and always in peak condition. When you rent a bike in Uluwatu from Bikago, you’re choosing reliability and safety for your Uluwatu adventures. And guess what? If you have a soft spot for Vespas, we’ve got those too!

Here for You 24/7

Whether you find yourself in a bind in the captivating Uluwatu terrain, worry not! Our English-speaking 24/7 customer support and speedy roadside assistance are just a phone call away, ready to swoop in and save the day, whether it’s a flat tire, running low on fuel, or any other unexpected hiccup.

Booking’s a Breeze

Booking your Bikago adventure is a walk in the park – no cash, no sketchy deposits. We’ve got a user-friendly online booking system that’s as simple as ordering your favorite meal. Pick your dream ride, select the date and time, and complete the transaction securely through our website. Got questions? Our customer support team is at your service, ready to be your trusted travel companion.

We’ve Got You Covered

Concerned about accidents? No need to fret, we’ve got your back. Opt for our comprehensive motorbike insurance, covering both bike damage and theft. So if the unexpected occurs, your finances stay protected. The excess? A mere USD 95.00, and anything beyond that – yes, you guessed it – we’ve got it covered.

#1 Uluwatu Bike and Scooter Rentals

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Why Get Safe and Reliable Scooter and Bike Rental in Uluwatu?

Bali, folks, is an absolute gem of a holiday destination.

This Indonesian island is a treasure trove of experiences waiting for you.

Think lush paddy fields and ancient temples that are just begging to be explored on a trusty rented motorbike or scooter.

But that’s just the tip of the Bali iceberg – it serves up fantastic weather, cozy accommodations, stunning beaches, and mesmerizing coral reefs. Oh, and let’s not forget the food scene – Bali scores big as a culinary hotspot and an internationally acclaimed holiday spot.

Now, if you’re all about soaking up the holiday vibes in style and comfort, I’ve got a hot tip for you – rent a motorbike while you’re on this paradise island. Bali’s roads are on the narrow side and cars? Well, they tend to spend more time stuck than cruising.

Public transport? Don’t get us started – it’s often packed and unpredictable. That’s why the Bali crowd opts for motorbikes and scooters. Trust us, it’s a way of life here. You’ll even find scooter parking at every café or restaurant you hit up, and your digs will likely have a sweet parking spot reserved for your rented motorbike.

Now, here’s the scoop – during Bali’s peak seasons, Bikago motorbikes are snatched up faster than you can say “surf’s up.” So, to ensure you’ve got your trusty steed ready to roll, it’s a smart move to reserve your motorbike with us in advance.

Have any burning questions about our motorbike rental services in Bali? Fire away! Check out our comprehensive knowledge base. Also our Customer Care Team is at your disposal day and night via email, chat, and phone.

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How does it work?

  1. Book online

    Easy, fast and safe. We offer many international payment methods so you do not have to worry about foreign cash.

  2. Delivery service

    Delivery service

    Just tell us where you are staying and we will deliver the bikes and accessories to your accomodation free of charge.

  3. Enjoy your adventure

    Discover breathtaking sceneries and vibrant cities. Just leave the bike for us to pick up by the end of your adventure.