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Rent a scooter in Bali or Phuket

Looking to rent a scooter in Bali or Phuket? At Bikago we have you covered with safe and reliable scooter rentals in both Bali and Phuket.

Since 2014 Bikago has improved the motorbike and scooter rental experience of more than 50,000 tourists in Phuket and Bali.

Getting your motorbike rental is now easy, trusted and straightforward. Our top-notch rental bikes and strict safety standards ensure a seamless scooter or motorbike rental experience.

Bikago is both Bali and Phuket’s number 1 scooter rental service through our comprehensive service offering:

  • Instant Online Confirmation
  • Accepting 20 currencies
  • Insurance on your bike rental
  • 24/7 Customer Care Team
  • Charging phone holder
  • Sanitized Helmets
  • No passport or cash deposit
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Island wide Delivery & Collection

Motorcycle Rentals in Bali and Phuket

The best way to explore Phuket or Bali is by renting a scooter or motorbike. Bikago enables you to rent your bike in Bali or Phuket in a safe and reliable way. We want to make your Bali or Phuket holiday amazing and ensure you have a great time renting scooters there.

Bikago – Scooter Rental Bali

Fully enjoy your holiday in Bali and experience the ultimate freedom. Explore the beautiful island on your own terms. Get off the beaten tracks and escape the crowds with your motorbike rental in Bali experience.

Are you already in Bali? In that case all you have to do is search for a bike rental near me. We have 9 scooter rental stores in Bali.

Would you prefer to have your bike rental delivered to your doorstep at any location in Bali? Not a problem. We deliver all over the island! And when your rental period is over we collect your Bali bike rental anywhere on the island as well.

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Bikago – Scooter Rental Phuket

Renting a motorbike in Phuket is popular for various reasons. Below you will find the most popular reasons why our customers rent a scooter or motorbike while visiting Phuket.

Sense of Freedom

Having your own bike rental allows you to freely explore Phuket. You can easily navigate through (congested) traffic and reach your desired destinations without relying on chauffeurs, taxi services or getting stuck in traffic in your car rental.

The Affordable Option

Public transportation can be considered non-existing in both Bali and Phuket. A motorcycle rental in Phuket is a much more affordable option for transportation compared to a taxi, car rental or chauffeured services.

Ultimate Mobility

Phuket has many famous attractions. Visit the beaches, viewpoints  and other popular tourist spots spread throughout the island. You can easily get to famous places like Patong Beach, Karon Beach and Rawai with your Phuket motorbike rental.

Find Phuket’s hidden gems

With a bike rental you can explore the lesser-known parts of Phuket, away from the usual tourist spots and crowds. You can discover hidden beaches, local markets and quaint villages. By renting a motorcycle in Phuket you enjoy a more authentic experience of the island.

Scooter Rental in Phuket is exciting

Renting a scooter in Phuket adds a good amount of adventure and thrill. Imagine yourself riding by the beautiful coast whilst feeling the Seabreeze and admiring Phuket’s beautiful scenery. Can you think of a more memorable experience?

Always obey the rules!

However, it’s important to consider a few things before renting a motorbike.

Firstly, always wear a helmet and exercise caution while riding, as road conditions and traffic can vary.

Secondly, make sure you have an International Driving Permit for Thailand and the same goes for Bali. These are mandatory for all tourists participating in motorized traffic.

Rentals with Free Delivery and More

Have your motorbike or scooter rental delivered to your doorstep anywhere in both Phuket or Bali. Bikago is the only scooter rental service that offers island wide delivery free-of-charge when you rent for 3 days or more.

Furthermore, we offer accessories such as Tourist (e)sim cards, hard cases, and surf racks and a first aid kit.

Since 2014 we have always focused on our main goal,  your motorbike rental experience with Bikago has to be perfect.

If you have any questions about renting a motorbike or scooter with Bikago, let us know. You can contact our Customer Care team easily through Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

Scooter Rental with Insurance

Are you looking to Rent a scooter in Bali or Phuket that comes with comprehensive damage and theft insurance? Our fleets include a range from Yamaha Nmax through to the Honda Scoopy. Bikago is an established bike rental insurance provider in these popular holiday destinations for good reason:

Bikago provides tried and tested insurance options for motorbike and scooter rentals in Bali and Phuket. We guarantee coverage for any damages and even theft of your bike during your agreement with us. With our premium USD 95 excess on your bike rental any amount beyond that is covered!

By renting your scooter or motorbike with Bikago, you can be rest assured that we have you covered all the way. You don’t have to take our word for it, we have over 1,500 5 star reviews:

Premium scooter rental from BIKAGO – rent a scooter

Bikago Scooter Rentals was founded in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. We started out with a fleet with just thirty Honda Scoopies. Being the first and most influential online scooter rental company in Indonesia – now with almost a decade of experience in the business – we have earned a trusted reputation as both Bali and Phuket’s leading scooter rental agency. Always at the forefront of the industry, we were the first motorbike rental company in Bali with a website accepting online reservations and online payments in 20 different currencies.

Today we are present in over 10 locations throughout Bali and Phuket. You will be able to easily find BIKAGO scooter rental services in both those globally popular tourist destinations. We offer convenient locations such as Seminyak, Kerobokan, Phuket Laguna, Ubud and Lovina. With BIKAGO you can get great deals on scooter rentals, motorbike rentals and reliable tourist internet connectivity.

Rent a Vespa from Bikago

Available at all locations

Rent a Honda PCX 160 cc from Bikago

Honda PCX 160 cc
Available at all locations

Rent a Yamaha Nmax 155 cc from Bikago

Yamaha Nmax 155 cc
Available at all locations

Rent a Honda Scoopy 110 cc from Bikago

Honda Scoopy 110 cc
Available at all locations in Bali

Rent a Honda Vario 160 cc from Bikago

Honda Vario 160 cc
Available at all locations in Bali

Rent a Yamaha Xmax 300 cc from Bikago

Yamaha Xmax 300 cc
Available at all locations in Phuket

Rent a Honda Click 160cc

Honda Click 160 cc
Available at all locations in Phuket

Rent a Honda ADV 160cc

Honda ADV 160 cc
Available at all locations in Phuket

Rent a Yahama Filano

Yamaha Filano 125 cc
Available at all locations in Phuket