Welcome to Bikago

We are Bikago. We aim to make bicycle and scooter rental easy and straightforward. With high quality and safety standards we make sure rental experiences will be more comfortable than ever.

Ride a bike on Bali, in Copenhagen, Amsterdam or anywhere else

If you ask us, riding a scooter or bike is the best way to discover a new place at your own pace. So whether you are visiting Bali, Langkawi, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Copenhagen or any other attractive, bike friendly destination – we will enable you to rent a safe and reliable bike to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.

Bike delivery, pocket wi-fi and more

Have your bike delivered at your hotel, resort or Airbnb location. Our insurance package makes sure that whatever happens with a bike during rental, we’ve got you covered. Optional accessories include pocket wi-fi, a hard case or surf rack so you can safely ride to the beach with your surf gear. Bikes have a first aid kit on board and our customer service center can be reached 24/7.

Our friendly staff speaks English fluently. We are pleased to assist you with anything that makes your adventure an unforgettable experience.

Coming soon

We are coming to your favorite destination soon. While we are getting ready you can already send us an email for any enquiries: [email protected].