If you are considering going to Bali during one of its peak seasons make sure you book in advance. Bikago’s Ubud branch’s motorbikes and scooters drive like new, also through the rice fields of Ubud on Bali. Our team will make sure that you’ll have a great experience: our customer service is available 24/7, every motorbike is delivered and picked up for free in the south of Bali and in Ubud, All our motorbikes that are for rent have first aid kits on board as well as a mounted phone holder and our motorbike insurance is extensive. Bikago Ubud provides you with up to two sanitized helmets per motorbike rental on Bali. We also offer many optional accessories. For example, enjoy 4G internet with Bikago Mobile eSIM or SIM card or bring your surf board with our surf-rack on your rented motorbike or scooter.

Our branch in Ubud offers you a number of different types of scooters and motorbikes. For regular rides we actually always recommend the Honda Vario. This automatic scooter is powerful thanks to its 125cc engine yet it is compact and easy to drive. The Honda Scoopy (110cc) is also a nice bike. It is a little smaller than the Vario and it has a charming design. The bigger 150cc engines are in the Yamaha Nmax and the Honda CRF. The latter is a cross motorbike which we recommend if you are planning on taking the more adventurous routes and unpaved roads that beautiful Ubud in Bali has to offer.

Discover Ubud and Bali by motorbike

Bali is a fantastic holiday destination and Ubud is no exception. This Indonesian island has so much to offer. Besides the magical surroundings of Ubud, Bali as an island has a great climate, mystical accommodations, large white beaches and magnificent coral reefs. There are beautiful dives you can do and surfing is also really popular. Did we mention the food yet? It shouldn’t surprise you that Bali wins a lots of awards as a favorite holiday destination.

To experience your holiday in Ubub, Bali in complete freedom and comfort it is an excellent idea to rent a motorbike or scooter with Bikago’s Ubud branch. The roads on Bali are narrow. Cars on Bali are stuck in traffic all the time. Public transportation options are always crowded and departure times are unreliable. Those are the reasons why people on Bali drive a motorbike or scooter. Besides all the people in Ubud everyone on Bali is completely accustomed to motorbikes and scooters. Enjoy free motorbike and scooter valet parking at nearly any cafe or restaurant. Your accommodation, be it a hotel, villa or guesthouse they will have a parking spot for your rented motorbike or scooter available.

Do you have any questions regarding our bikes or our service? Our customer service team is at your disposal day and night via email, chat and phone.


Bikes for hire in Ubud

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