As Bali’s #1 Quality Bike Rental Company, Bikago aims to be as close to it’s customers as possible. We have free delivery and pickups services in the most popular area’s, and can deliver and pickup for a reasonable charge everywhere else.

We have a network of shop locations around Bali where you can walk in to make a booking and pick-up your bike directly, and of course you can return your scooter or motorbike in any of our locations. If the bike of your choice is not available at the branch you walk in to, you can still book it and have it conveniantly delivered at your hotel or villa, or at the Bikago branch of your choice.


Bikes for hire in Bali

How does it work?

  1. Book online

    Easy, fast and safe. We offer many international payment methods so you do not have to worry about foreign cash.

  2. Delivery service

    Just tell us where you are staying and we will deliver the bikes and accessories to your accomodation free of charge.

  3. Enjoy your adventure

    Discover breathtaking sceneries and vibrant cities. Just leave the bike for us to pick up by the end of your adventure.