About Bikago

Bikago started as a motorbike and scooter rental in 2014 on Bali, Indonesia. By professionalising the rental service and providing a high quality experience, the first shop quickly turned into a huge success. Not only in terms of fleet size or customer ratings, but also as an employer for almost 30 wonderful people who work at the shop in Bali today.

Our customers can tell that we are not a regular bike rental, because:

  • All our bikes drive like new
  • Helmets are always clean and well fitting
  • We deliver bikes to the customer’s accommodation
  • Customers can reserve in advance through our website
  • Payments are secure with many payment methods available
  • Our insurance products cover people for unforeseen events
  • We offer an extensive range of accessories, from mosquito spray to 4G Pocket Wi-Fi

Our success is also due to growing tourism: renting bikes (motorbikes and bicycles) is gaining popularity worldwide.

Why franchise?

In all these years we have constantly been optimising our formula, workflows, (online) marketing and IT systems. We have always put quality and reliability first and that is why we have invested in a 24/7 customer service, great insurance products, a heavy online presence, a state of the art bike rental system, a dozen different payment methods for our international customers and more. With Bikago, we now share these tools and expertise. We work with entrepreneurial people and bike rentals worldwide who are serious about taking bike rental to the next level.

This is how we get franchisees up and running:

  • Together we create a business plan and financial prognoses, using our market data
  • We setup the IT system for you so you can manage your entire business
  • We setup your international payment systems
  • We provide you with one week of training at our flagship store in Bali, Indonesia (IT & operations)
  • We can guide you when you construct your shop, select your fleet and order marketing materials (company clothing, etc)
  • We build an online presence for you: Bikago.com and partners, blogs, travel platforms and social media

When your location is opened:

  • We send you reservations coming from our online marketing channels
  • Our Customer Care team offers e-mail, phone or chat support to your customers 24/7
  • We invest in online advertising campaigns to generate even more bookings
  • You’ll keep short lines with your Bikago Franchise Manager to constantly keep improving the business
  • You will become part of our network of franchisees in which we share learnings and optimisations

Franchisee Requirements

First and foremost, Bikago aims to create a high quality standard in terms of safety and service. So we are looking for people who share this vision. Setting up a new Bikago location is no small step. It will require time and dedication. We strictly select candidates who show this commitment.

Application Process

If you are interested in partnering up we would be happy to get in touch with you. Below you will get an idea of the application process and how we get you up and running within 2 months.

Step 1 – Enquiry Stage

Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form. We will review your application and schedule an online interview with you. During the interview we will go through the formal introductions, explain more about Bikago and discuss your location.

Step 2 – Forecasts

Based on the interview we use our business model to generate forecasts for your location based on different fleet sizes. This gives you a realistic overview of revenue and earning potential of your shop. If we see that your location is feasible, we help you to use this information and structure your business plan. We sign a letter of intent.

Step 3 – Business plan

During this phase you will write a business plan. We can provide you with a template. We will advise you on the investments that need to done such as your location, fleet and employees. When both parties feel that the business plan is rock solid, we move on to the next stage.

Step 4 – Franchise Agreement

We sign the Bikago Franchise agreement and we’re on our way to a successful partnership.

Step 5 – Implementation

We help you get up and running. You will attend a course in our training centre in Bali, Indonesia. We also offer training to your employees and we provide you with a detailed training manual. Once your new location is open and the motorbikes are ready, we go live!

Get in touch through Customer Care